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A comprehensive list of on-line Bibles, in English and other languages, both ancient and modern; each featured site having a short description of its content and arrangement. This page is part of the Virtual Christianity Web site. Find out What's New at the Virtual Christianity Web site. For some introductory guidelines on reading the Bible for the first time, see How To Read The Bible For Better Understanding. To discuss the Bible on-line, come and post a message on the Bible Discussion and Sharing message board.

English Bibles

Multiple translation

King James Version

For help with understanding King James English, you can look up words in the King James Dictionary to find out the modern English equivalent.

Revised Standard Version

Other Versions

Search Utilities

Apocrypha Only

Original or Ancient Language Bibles

Foreign Bibles

Multilingual Translations

Foreign Language Translations Alphabetical by Language

General Foreign Language Resources

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